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Meeting about Acting on What We Believe Is Right

To my English-speaking friends, I am Brita Helleborg from Norway. I am the author of "Klimaglede"(Climate Joy) , and I've been encouraged to offer an English version of this meeting.

I aspire to be someone who practically acts according to what I believe is right, even when it seems as though others expect something different.

I don't always manage to achieve this. Sometimes, my own inner voice presents the greatest challenge. Have you ever felt an urge to express your frustration towards another, while a part of you would prefer to respond with love and objectivity? This is a dilemma I've dedicated many years to working on, and I feel increasingly equipped to navigate between these two conflicting forces.

Now, I wish to share and learn from your experiences. I invite the first five individuals who sign up for a free, personal Zoom meeting with me. Here, you can ask questions and share your own experiences directly with me. I will contact the first five respondents, and we will find a time that suits us all.

For those who are unable to be among the first five, I will create a summary video after the meeting. None of the participants in the meeting will be included in this video. To ensure your comfort in participating, I will make a separate video where only I am speaking, relaying our collective conclusions. This will offer you the opportunity to learn from the insights we share. If you wish to receive this video, but don't feel ready for a Zoom meeting right now, that's perfectly alright. Simply indicate your preference in the form below.

I am eagerly awaiting to hear from you. Please fill in your name and email in the box below.

If you include your phone number, I will send a text message reminder about the meeting.

With kind regards, Brita Helleborg


Fill in the form to attend the free meeting/be sent the video

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